About SKiNN

SKiNN™ is a registered beauty brand that focuses on result-oriented beauty treatments & products and to uncover, improve and sustain the beauty potential, desires and needs of our customers. SKiNN has a wide range of beauty and body treatments and products – including intensive, maintenance and basic facial treatments, to suit the needs of every individual.

SKiNN is led by Pinky Gooi, who has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the beauty industry and who believes that a sustainable beauty business model should be built on the foundation of loyal customers by virtue of honesty, integrity and trust.

SKiNN is committed to provide for our customers quality, authentic and hygienic beauty and body treatments and products.

Our staff are carefully hand-picked and trained to ensure our customers are given suitable, well-deserved and value-for-money beauty treatments and products.


We make it our PRIMARY CONCERN to do the following:

  1. to help our customers’ beauty be uncovered and grow by providing safe and effective treatments and products.
  2. to provide for our customers the most suitable treatments and products for our clients’ beauty be uncovered.
  3. to equip our staff with the best skincare and professional knowledge to serve our customers’ needs.
  4. to constantly source for effective, affordable and value-for-money treatments and products for our customers.

SKiNN will not be the best but SKiNN will ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE BETTER.

SKiNN is WHERE BEAUTY GROWS in every individual.